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The Cinderella Truck, 2001 F250 Power SWtroke

restored blue and grey F250

For the previous 12 years this 2001 Ford F250 Super Duty lived life as a farm truck. Battered by cows, assaulted by gates and fence posts,

Damaged F250

12 years of ranching is hard on a truck

loaded with dirt, sand and fertilizer, hooked to livestock and hay trailers it earned it’s keep every day. There wasn’t an undamaged panel on the vehicle. The truck was retired last year and became little more than a pasture ornament.

Mechanically the truck was solid and the 7.3 diesel ran like a top without using oil. All of the running gear was serviced regularly and still in good shape. We began with a worthwhile base to work from

F250 having body repair

Body repair underway

First all of the trim was removed then we spent several days repairing body damage all around the truck. This was block sanded and sealed then the blue was cut in. Next came the grey lower body color and the painted charcoal stripe. The grill insert was painted the same charcoal. Once the trim was cleaned up and reinstalled hours were spent in detailing.

You can see what was accomplished in 20 calendar days. It went from a farm truck Bubba might be embarrassed to drive to stylish and clean ride to the rodeo ball.

Freedom Auto does custom paint, restorations and body modifications.


Repainted F250

After 20 calendar days truck is ready

All of the refinish was done with PPG products.

Two tone F250

Two Tone stands out on completed F250

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