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The modern automobile is a complex assembly of electronic, mechanical and computerized components. The relationship between these components makes servicing and maintaining your car or truck more and more difficult and confusing for the average vehicle owner.

John Miller, owner of Freedom Automotive, hosts Auto Mojo Radio on Talk Radio 950-AM KRPC every Saturday morning. This is your chance to learn about the “care and feeding” of today’s vehicles first-hand from experts with years of training and experience in automotive service. Tune in Saturdays from 6 to 8 AM to Talk Radio 950-AM KRPC.

OR – you can listen On-Line. When listening, please feel free to call us with your questions 713-212-KPRC (5772) or Verizon Toll-Free Call #KPRC (#5772).

Listen to the podcast

Listen to the podcast of past shows or drop us a line and ask your repairs questions. Be sure to tune in Saturday Mornings to 950-AM from 6am-8am!