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Custom Work

Candy Sweet and Flaming Hot Harley

This 2013 Harley Ultra started life as a drab and ordinary black on black road bike. After a couple of weeks in the Freedom Automotive and Collision paint shop it now stands out in any crowd. We started with a metallic black base coat then air brushed the Orion Silver flames onto that. It all got 5 coats of House of Colors Candy Apple Red. Between each coat of paint …Read More

The Cinderella Truck, 2001 F250 Power SWtroke

For the previous 12 years this 2001 Ford F250 Super Duty lived life as a farm truck. Battered by cows, assaulted by gates and fence posts, loaded with dirt, sand and fertilizer, hooked to livestock and hay trailers it earned it’s keep every day. There wasn’t an undamaged panel on the vehicle. The truck was retired last year and became little more than a pasture ornament. Mechanically the truck was …Read More

Honda S2000 Yellow and Black

This was just a simple paint job but made a huge difference in how this car looked. In case you’re curious this was only $3600           Simple paint job This was just a simple paint job but really made the little Honda special.

1968 Catalina Rag Top

This car came to us with nothing from the firewall forward and bare inside. Customer furnished everything we needed except the talent to do the job. We converted it to fuel injection, but other than that it is stock.